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Will poles still line streets in 2050?

Utility experts consider the future of utility poles

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Author’s bio
Huck DeVenzio is manager of marketing communications at Arch Wood Protection, a leading producer of wood preservatives to pressure-treating facilities. A graduate of Cornell University with a BS in Industrial Engineering, Huck has been involved with preserved wood products since 1973. He has written numerous feature stories for trade journals and was keynote speaker at the 2010 Southeastern Utility Pole Conference.

Editor’s note
The author has a vested interest in the future of utility poles – his company is the world’s largest supplier of CCA preservative for pole treatment. He has written several articles on the history of preserved wood, but realized that he did not have a grasp of its future. So, he contacted a number of experts in the industry for their insights into the T&D landscape of 2050. This story is a compilation of their comments.

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