The Utility Industry's Integrated Service Delivery Future


We have benchmarked optimization of operational technologies…
We have been driven by enterprise software systems value drivers…
But how well do these systems talk with each other and share what they know?

Find out in this IT/OT convergence webinar, where you will learn answers to many questions, including:

  • How are leading utilities directing their efforts in order to solve the most important cyber-security, IT/OT integration, and related communications, control and real-time data utilization challenges?
  • How are utilities optimizing T&D planning and equipment installation activities, commissioning of communications and control systems, and utilization of software solutions for grid-edge devices and the personnel who maintain them?
  • What difficulties are top-of-mind for utilities in addressing compliance requirements for Cyber Security and NERC CIP V5, and how are these difficulties to be addressed?
  • How can we ensure our personnel are devoting their skills to the right problems in a world so prone to “one-off” issues associated with “standardized” IT or OT solutions that may not turn out to be as standardized as we would like?

Register today for this timely and informative webinar produced by Transmission & Distribution World and sponsored by Lockheed Marti.


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