Principles of High Voltage Power Cable Selection


The electric industry is changing, with some customers considering options to generate their own power to heat and light homes, putting a strain on regulated electric utilities. In order to set regulations that appeal to — and support — all parties involved, current electric utility business models need adjustment and new electricity regulations need to be put in place. Policymakers are feeling the pressure. Join Kansas state Rep. Tom Sloan for this discussion on the call for regulatory reform in the electric power industry.

Selecting the correct high voltage underground cable for utility and industry applications is a complex decision. This webinar will explain the history of insulated cable, design of modern high voltage power cables, comparisons between different designs, and the relevant industry standards and testing. There will be an overview of common underground applications and the effect of proper installation on cable longevity.

You will learn:

  • Questions to ask when selecting high voltage power cable
  • Types of cable insulation and jackets
  • Critical electrical properties of high voltage cables

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