Optimal design of utility scale solar plants to free charge storage


Christopher Thompson, Grid-Power Business Unit Manager, Eato


In most utility-scale projects today, a substantial DC/AC ratio is applied to achieve optimal profit generation based on the maximum rating allowed in the interconnection agreement. As the DC/AC ratio has increased over the last few years, more plants have curtailed solar resources on sunny or cool days, wasting energy. This curtailment, on projects, results in substantial energy being wasted.

Solar installations combined with energy storage can allow project owners to capture the energy that would otherwise be curtailed and maximize profits. The energy that was destined to be curtailed can instead effectively charge the batteries for free. Based on pricing structures, the stored electricity can then be sold at the best time to enhance profitability.

By optimizing plant design and battery sizing, incremental capital equipment costs can be reduced and make the best use of the battery. This webinar will discuss best practices and design considerations for plant design and battery sizing.


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