5 Keys to Mitigating Wildlife-Caused Outages

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Pulling from a newly released white paper, “The Case for Eliminating Animal-Caused Outages in Electric Substations and on Powerlines”:  this webinar will examine strategies and methods to eliminate animal-caused outages on electrical equipment at electrical substations and on powerlines. The analysis shared will provide insight into the significant economic impact of preventable animal-caused outages suffered by utilities and their customers and the need for electric utilities and industrial companies to aggressively implement strategies and investment programs to prevent this category of outages. Industry-leading approaches and a comparison of the spectrum of mitigation options and corresponding effectiveness will also be addressed.

What attendees will learn:

  • Understanding industry and consequential risks of wildlife-caused outages.
  • Outage reporting.
  • Prioritizing methods for mitigation.
  • Expensing and capitalizing mitigation investments.
  • Applying solutions to drive toward zero animal-caused outages.

“Animal protection has proven to be up to a 95% effective investment for preventing wildlife outages and continues to significantly improve AltaLink reliability” - Mike Bartel, VP of Asset Management, AltaLink, A Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company (9/16/16)



Ellen Smith, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Marty Niles, President & Founder, Greenjacket Inc.