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Aquila Selects MITEM for Major Initiative to Enhance Call Center Customer Service Operations

MITEM Corp. (Menlo, Park, California, U.S.), the leading provider of application integration software to public utilities and energy companies, announced that Aquila Inc. (Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.) has selected MITEM's flagship application integration platform, MitemView, to integrate multiple applications used by call center customer service representatives (CSRs). With this project Aquila is seeking to enhance customer service and streamline workflow in its call center environment.

Aquila operates electricity and natural gas distribution networks, serving more than 1.3 million customers in seven U.S. states.

“We view this investment in MitemView as a strategic initiative that will help enhance our customer service level to an industry-leading standard. MITEM has a solid track record and reputation for improving call center operations for public utilities. In addition, MITEM's call center solution came in at a lower cost than other alternatives researched,” said Brett Carter, vice president of Central Services for Aquila.

MITEM will integrate multiple legacy applications for Aquila and create a new Windows-based, graphical user interface (GUI) that will ultimately be used by more than 200 CSRs. A CSR using the new GUI will be able to query up to nine different applications, avoiding the need to navigate and reference cumbersome mainframe screens. Aquila's specific goals for this project are to significantly enhance customer service through reducing average customer call handle time, decreasing training time and raising quality and accuracy of work by call center personnel.

Bill McDonald, senior manager/call center solutions for MITEM commented, “Aquila required a solution that would not be disruptive to their existing infrastructure and would be adaptable to future technology choices.” McDonald added, “During the due diligence process, Aquila relied on references from our large utility customer base to help make the decision to use MITEM software and professional services for this large-scale project. With the addition of Aquila, our customer list in the public utilities market includes: Consolidated Edison, American Electric Power, Entergy, Baltimore Gas and Electric and EDF Energy (formerly London Electricity).”
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