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Lightweight Time Domain Reflectometer for Cable Fault Location

Lightweight Time Domain Reflectometer for Cable Fault Location

With the handheld devices TDR 500 and TDR 510, BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH presents new and robust time domain reflectometers for length determination and fault location in power and data cables. Various settings that are uncomplicated to define make a variety of applications possible for the user, whereby the measurement accuracy is always 1%. This precision is of benefit not only during fault location, but also during length measurement of barreled or laid cables.

With the smallest adjustable cable length of 7 m, it becomes easier to locate very close faults, e.g. in home installations. The impedance adjustment and the propagation speed setting help achieve very precise measurement results even in long cable routes up to 6 km. An essential help for users is the table with cable values (impedance and pulse propagation) on the device rear side.

Two modes support the fault location: the single pulse mode for single, permanent faults and the continuous pulse mode for intermittent, i.e. non-continuous faults. Safe testing under voltage is not a problem when using the optional separation filter (measurement category CAT IV / 600 V in compliance with EN 61010). The time domain reflectometers are dustproof and protected against spray water, weigh only 350 g and are easy to handle manually.

Unlike the TDR 500, the TDR 510 also comes with memory for 50 measurement results as well as a USB interface. In this way, the measurement results can be analyzed with the TDR software on a PC or laptop.


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