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System Validates Application Layer Interoperability Between ZigBee Smart Energy Profile 2.0-Enabled Devices

QualityLogic Inc. has announced a new test system that validates the interoperability and reliability of smart meters, business and residential energy management devices, and gateways that share energy information with business and residential users via the Smart Energy Profile 2.0 standard.

The Smart Energy Profile (SEP) 2.0 Test System, scheduled for availability to early adopters in Q2, benefits the entire Smart Energy ecosystem – device manufacturers, utilities and system integrators. The system will include conformance test cases that exercise the full breadth of the SEP 2.0 Application Layer Specification, as well as synthetic simulation and actual simulations of real-world devices. The synthetic simulations will validate interoperability in the early stages of adoption, filling the gap until Smart Energy Profile 2.0 products come to market.

The Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Test System includes three test suites: SEP 2.0 Functional Test Suite, SEP 2.0 Comprehensive Engineering Test Suite, and SEP 2.0 Device Simulation Interoperability Test Suite. The initial release of the test will focus on SEP 2.0 over ZigBee, with support for other protocols including Wi-Fi and HomePlug as SEP 2.0 devices evolve.

Last year, QualityLogic began development of a comprehensive set of conformance and interoperability tests to ensure proper operation of a unique Transactive Control System that will be deployed in the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project.

The SEP 2.0 Test System is one in a series of a series of conformance and interoperability tests QualityLogic is developing for devices connected to a smarter grid.

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