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SmartBanks are for Low-Voltage Power Factor Correction

Through strategic placement near motors, transformers, inductive heating and arc welding generators, Maysteel’s SmartBanks for Low Voltage Power Factor Correction provide energy efficiency and savings by shaving kVA and kVAR peaks that drive up energy bills.

Part of the SmartBank series of power quality solutions, Maysteel’s LV PFC 3-phase capacitor banks deliver 2.5kVAR to 60kVAR at 240V, 60HZ, and 2.5kVAR to 120kVAR at 480V, 60HZ.

Capacitor Key features include:

  • Dry type, non-PCB dielectric
  • Self-healing metalized polypropylene film
  • Pressure sensitive interrupter to protect against case rupture
  • UL listed; NEMA CP-1 and NEMA 250 compliant
  • Designed to exceed 130,000 hour service life
  • 1 year cell warranty

Bank Key features include:

  • Fixed, 60Hz power factor correction
  • Fused or non-fused modular designs
  • Compact, modular, versatile design for wall or floor mounting
  • ETL listed/UL 810 compliant; NEMA 12 and 3R Enclosures (indoor & outdoor)
  • Designed for applications that do not contain harmonic generating loads.
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