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SensorTran Receives New Product Differentiation Award for DTS

SensorTran has received a New Product Differentiation Award from Frost & Sullivan. SensorTran was recognized for having demonstrated excellence in new products and technologies within the Distributed Temperature Sensing and instrumentation market.

“The capabilities of the next-generation Gemini DTS platform simplify the installation process, and dual wavelength technology provides better quality of data,” said V. Sankaranarayanan, industry analyst with Frost & Sullivan. “As a result, people with much less experience can now use the Gemini DTS system in a number of applications in geothermal, power (high voltage overhead lines and buried cables), environmental monitoring and so on.”

Key industry challenges addressed by SensorTran’s advanced systems include hydrogen-tolerant systems, powered by SensorTran’s proprietary PerfectVision dual laser technology, that correct for non-linear fiber attenuation, and faster measurement speeds that allow for increased sensitivity and clearer data. DTS is recognized as a smart grid-enabling technology.

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