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NxtPhase Sells Relay & Recorder Division

NxtPhase T&D Corporation has announced the sale of its relay and recorder (R&R) business unit to Easun Reyrolle Limited of India. The sale of the R&R business will allow NxtPhase to focus on its rapidly growing optical business.

"In our early years, it made sense to manage two businesses as we matured the optical current and voltage sensing products," said Andrea Johnston, CEO of NxtPhase T&D Corporation."But over the last few years we have seen sales of optical sensor products take off. We are focusing all of our management, development and production resources on the optical sensors. Divesting the R&R business to a company focusing in protection will allow both businesses to reach their full potential."

Under the purchase agreement, Easun Reyrolle will acquire all assets including intellectual property and liabilities of the R&R division. This business will now be carried out through ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd., a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary of Easun Reyrolle Limited.

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