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Insulation Testers Include Special Noise Suppression

Megger has introduced the new S1-552 5-kV insulation tester and the S1-1052 10-kV insulation tester.

Each instrument includes special noise suppression for use in high-voltage substations or switchyards and are line- or battery-operated for extra testing flexibility in the field. The measurement range has been expanded to 15 TΩ on the S1-552 and 35 TΩ on the S1-1052 for improved insulation testing and better long-term trending of test results of higher value apparatus.

Both units automatically perform insulation resistance (IR), dielectric absorption ratio (DAR), polarization index (PI), step voltage (SV) and dielectric discharge (DD) tests. Other features include storage of test results, data download using RS232 or USB, and an extra rugged enclosure.

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