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Instrument Integrates VLF AC Testing, Fault Finding

High Voltage, Inc.'s VT- 33 offers complete cable care for underground shielded power cables up to 25 kV class. It a VLF AC cable testing and fault finding/burner instrument in one self-contained package.

The VT-33 provides a 0 to 33 kV peak AC 0.1Hz Very Low Frequency (VLF) AC hipot mode meeting the newly adopted IEEE 400.2 standard for testing shielded power cables using VLF to hipot/proof test cables in lieu of
the damaging effects of past DC hipot testing on service aged cables.

It also contains a variable 0 to 13 kV at 760 joules capacitor discharge
output for locating faults and a VLF burner to quickly reduce arc over voltages and fault impedances. A VLF burner is quicker than conventional DC burners because of its use of alternating positive and negative polarities combined with the cable's stored energy discharged into the fault every half cycle, rapidly reducing the fault's arc over voltage to a lower level. The VT-33 is also TDR and radar ready with a built in arc reflection filter.

The VT-33 has all the tools needed in one box and is suitable for the many power cable maintenance applications of utilities, municipals, HV contractors, industrials and large education or military campuses.

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