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Distribution Protection System Combines Radial Feeder Protection, Metering

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has released the SEL-351A-1 Distribution Protection System. The SEL-351A-1 combines radial feeder protection and high-accuracy metering (±0.2 percent accuracy) in one product. The relays provide a mean time between failures (MTBF) of nearly 300 years.

The SEL-351A-1 includes phase and sequence voltage and currents along with power, frequency, and energy metering.

The SEL-351A-1 combines nondirectional overcurrent, voltage and frequency elements with high-accuracy metering to improve system stability and efficiency. This combination of protection and functionality makes the SEL-351A-1 suitable for primary and secondary feeder protection and transformer overcurrent protection.

"Many companies have standardized on the SEL-351A for primary and/or secondary distribution protection," said SEL Applications Manager Jean Leon. "The SEL-351A-1 now offers economical, nondirectional feeder protection with the convenient form factor and wiring of the SEL-351A, making commissioning and training easier."

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