Capacitor Controls Equipped with Ethernet Option

Capacitor Controls Equipped with Ethernet Option

HD Electric Co. has announced the availability of its VarCom 1600 and 2600 Capacitor Controls equipped with the new ComFlex Ethernet option. This feature, which builds on many other existing innovations, now supports multiple sessions enabling users to remotely manage and update controls from the convenience of their office along with the previous ability to support new or existing SCADA, DMS, Volt-VAR Optimization and Conservation Voltage Reduction applications using industry standard DNP 3.0 protocol. Designed for Smart Grids and local VAR control, the addition of ComFlex Ethernet allows VarCom users to take maximum advantage of IP based communication networks for configuring controls, updating firmware, data collection and troubleshooting.

“Utilities are continually looking for ways to improve operational efficiency without compromising customer service,” said Bill McNulty, Technical Director for HD Electric Company. “Using our VarWare configuration software from anywhere they now have access to their IP based communication network, allowing customers to better manage their controls and distribution systems and eliminating most site visits or truck rolls, resulting in faster response and reduced costs.”

ComFlex, HD Electric’s solution for communications, offers users a selection of ports and communication vendors to choose from. In addition, ComFlex facilitates "plug and play" capability and varying power supplies. DNPFlex is HD Electric’s solution to providing users with customizable DNP points. R-Comm is HD Electric’s option to provide wireless remote connection to your control via secure Bluetooth. VarWare is HD Electric’s control software that provides the user with a powerful tool for programming controls with customized switching protocols while providing an easy platform for changing settings and extracting data profiles held in the logging function of the controls.

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