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Air Core Reactors Feature Multi-Wire Cable Design

AREVA T&D has launched the new Air Core Reactors with Multi-Wire Cable Design (MCD). Air Core Reactors provide a linear response of impedance vs. current, which is essential to numerous applications. With the addition of the multi-wire cable design technology to its product range, AREVA now has a suitable technology to produce large air core reactors. The new MCD technology will provide important cost reductions and improved customer performance thanks to significant reductions in dimensions, weight, cost, magnetic field and electrical losses, according to AREVA.

Its comprehensive offer includes cost-effective solutions for both industrial environments and networks in all applications: current limiting, neutral grounding, smoothing, filtering, shunt, SVC, damping, arc furnace, and laboratories.

The key benefits of this new multi-wire design technology include high mechanical strength to withstand elevated short-circuit forces, conservative temperature rise for extended service life, and a product that is environmentally friendly and low maintenance.

The competitively priced Air Core Reactors can be customized to offer space saving solutions for installations in compact areas. They are available individually or as part of a complete package.

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