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OSI to Supply JEA with its Next-Generation Energy Management System

JEA of Jacksonville, Florida has awarded Open Systems International a contract to be the supplier of its next-generation Energy Management System (EMS) technology.

JEA’s electric operations currently serve more than 360,000 customers in Jacksonville and parts of three adjacent counties. JEA’s main motivation for this project has been the implementation of a more modern and secure operations control system based on an open architecture, facilitating future upgrades of hardware and software as well as a lower recurring maintenance cost. The new system replaces a current system supplied by General Electric.

The proposed system is based on OSI’s monarch distributed open architecture and includes Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Automatic Generation Control and Dispatch (AGC), Historical Information System, Transmission Network Analysis, Web-based Graphical User Interface, Operator Training Simulator and Secure ICCP communications, as well as capability for a hot standby backup/disaster recovery control system.

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