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Major U.S. Mid-Atlantic Utility Selects BPL Global’s Serveron to Supply On-Line Transfomer Monitors

BPL Global has been selected by a major U.S. mid-Atlantic region investor-owned utility through its Serveron subsidiary to be its exclusive supplier of on-line monitors for this power company’s fleet of power transformers.

Under terms of the multi-year contract, Serveron has already shipped the first installment of 30 monitors, with a value for the initial order of more than $1 million. Serveron, a BPL Global Company, is a provider of smart grid technology that enables electric utilities to improve reliability, reduce maintenance costs and optimize capital expenditures for power transformers, the largest asset class in the electric grid.

Dermot O’Leary, Serveron’s vice president and general manager, said: “The selection of our on-line transformer monitoring technology and expertise shows that this major utility’s operating management is in tune with the power industry’s growing commitment to reliability and to protecting the critical assets of power transformer fleets.”

On-site, on-line transformer monitoring enables electric utilities to manage transformer assets more reliably, operate them with a greater margin of safety and minimize or safely postpone the costs of repairing or replacing these valuable assets. The cost of purchasing new power transformers can range from about $500,000 to more than $10 million each.

In addition to the significant Serveron order, more than 25 other major electric utilities in the United States are committed to new voluntary transformer-monitoring standards to help prevent transformer failures. Serveron markets its advanced dissolved gas analysis transformer monitoring technology to electric utilities, and other power generation, transmission and distribution organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

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