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GE Energy Software Integrated with Amdocs Operations Support Systems

GE Energy has announced that its Smallworld Physical Network Inventory software is now integrated with Amdocs Operations Support Systems (OSS) solutions. The integrated solution is designed to provide service providers with a single, unified planning solution that ensures physical and logical resources are planned and rolled out efficiently to better support next generation service demand.

The integration of Smallworld solutions with the Amdocs service and resource planning products enables providers to easily identify underused network resources and forthcoming shortfalls and to execute proactive planning that is based on trending and forecasting. This integration offers a complete network planning solution, which covers both the physical and logical network and IT resources. As a result, service providers can reduce unnecessary spending on network resources, which can now be deployed “just in time” to meet service demand.

GE Energy has worked with Cramer, Amdocs OSS Division, to develop a more seamless integration between Amdocs network resource management and planning products to provide service providers with the integrated solutions required for the deployment of next generation services. This integrated solution features products from both GE Energy and Amdocs, notably the Smallworld Bearer Management solution and the Cramer Engineering Adapter for Smallworld Physical Network Inventory. The integrated solution has already been delivered to a major convergent service provider.

Bob Gilligan, general manager for GE Energy’s transmission and distribution business stated, “The combination of spatially accurate inventory, integrated design intelligence and strategic decision support is what service providers need to control the deployment of their network and establish a ‘service-ready’ network that’s in the right place at the right time to meet customers’ needs.”

Amdocs offers a combined Business Support Systems (BSS) and OSS solution that delivers complete visibility of the customer, the network and the service. The combination helps facilitate service providers’ transition from legacy to next-generation networks and systems, and helps them rapidly launch new converged services that quickly turn network investment into service revenue.

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