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State of the Market: Quantitative Analytics in the Utility Industry

May 30, 2023
The Growing Importance of Decision Intelligence Technology

Analytics are increasingly critical for utility operations and innovation. Endeavor Business Intelligence, in partnership with Gurobi Optimization, LLC, conducted an in-depth survey about quantitative analytics in the electric power sector to shed new light on this important subject.

Read this instructive survey report to gain insights from a diverse group of more than 200 participants representing the electric utility sector (IOU, REC, Muni), management and engineering consultants, energy services organizations and more regarding the type, frequency and results achieved with the optimization methods used by their organizations. Learn how often your industry peers are performing various analytic techniques in their decision-making and what plans they have for future enhancements. Also, learn about methods such as mathematical optimization employed by industry leaders to achieve superior decision outcomes regarding resource utilization, efficiency analysis, cost optimization, grid stability alternatives, and outage and security issues. 

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