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New Conference Focused on the Transformation of the Energy Grid

'Who will step up and fund the research and development?'

The massive research effort needed to launch the electric grid of the future is the focus of Icons of Infrastructure's new half-day conference, "Advancing the Electric Grid."

The conference will take place June 28 in Washington, D.C. at the National Press Club. The half-day event will include panel debates, creative networking opportunities, and an in-depth analysis of the key developments and challenges facing domestic energy markets.

"With fleets of electric vehicles coming down the road, stunning new small nuclear reactors fast-approaching rollout and smart grids and energy storage poised for growth, now is the time to get electric grid R&D right," said Marty Rosenberg, energy content leader for Icons of Infrastructure.

"Who will step up and fund the research and development, with government saddled by debt and many traditional energy equipment manufacturers on the sidelines?"

The conference focuses on the energy grid transformation to become more digital, clean and secure.  Highly prominent speakers from Dominion Energy, the U.S. Department of Energy and new energy technology leaders will be covering the following topics.   

  • Securing America's Energy Infrastructure of the 21st Century
  • Why is R&D critical to the US economy and infrastructure?
  • Transformative Electric Technologies

Join energy executives, investors, government officials to network and foster important, long-lasting, connections and expand your understanding of new possibilities, advances, and drive in-depth analysis of challenges facing today's domestic energy markets. Limited seating is available, request an invitation to be invited to this exclusive event at no cost. 

"Advancing the Electric Grid's" top sponsors Bipartisan Policy Center and Protect our Power will be participating as thought leaders and are available to answers questions on advancing the grid. 

Icons of Infrastructure is a sister site of T&D World.


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