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ESMO 2019: Experience Live Outdoor Demonstrations

ESMO 2019 offers both an indoor display and exhibit area and an active outdoor demonstration area, which is open to all attendees.

At IEEE PES ESMO 2019 June 24-27 in Columbus, Ohio, attendees can not only discover new products at an indoor trade show but also observe new equipment in action during live outdoor demonstrations, making it a one-of-a-kind event.

The outdoor demonstration site, located at American Electric Power's Dedicated ESMO Outdoor Site, features transmission and distribution lines; and substation facilities, including power transformers. This portion of the conference will feature work on transmission and distribution lines, substations and activities focused on construction techniques, safety demonstrations, operations activities, right-of-way management techniques and an equipment and heavy equipment display area. 

Here is a list of the participating companies and their demonstrations. To join us at the event, register on the ESMO Web site and click here to learn more about the outdoor demonstrations. 

Altec Industries: Demo of the Altec AH100B Transmission Aerial and the DT65E Transmission Digger Derrick

Buckingham Manufacturing: Wood Pole Climbing, Ox Block Rigging and Aerial Rescue

DMC Power: Demonstration of Swage Technology for Substation and Transmission Applications

Lindsey Manufacturing Co.: Emergency Transmission Tower Erection

MJ Electric: UAV Inspection and Pull Rope Installation

PLH Group, Inc.: Marsh Personnel Carrier

RECON Dynamics: Aerial Harness Training System - Safety Demonstration

Sunwa Technos America: The Fault Clear - Interchangeable Pole Mounted Recloser

The VON Corporation: Underground Cable Fault Location

TSE-International, Inc.: In Command System

Watson Drill Rigs: Foundation drill for processing drilled shaft excavations

Winola Industrial: Ladder Demonstration for Steel Poles

ABB: EMT Zerowaste Rapide SF6 gas analyzer  / EMT Smartfill

Aerial Reach Associates: Inspection and Operation of Transmission-Class Aerial Equipment

Kinetrics: LineVue Overhead Lines Inspection Tool

Omicron Electronics USA: TETRANO Transformer Testing Demonstration

OSMOSE: Ground lead testing

PositronLive Line Maintenance & Safety Assessment using Electric Field Measurement



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