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Managing Emergencies More Effectively: Zoom In on the Big Picture

A T&D World-hosted webinar sponsored by ARCOS

Originally broadcast on November 8, 2023. Now available On Demand.  
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Now more than ever, emergency preparedness and response (EP&R) for utilities has become a year-round concern. What was once seasonal is amplified by more frequent and severe weather events, external threats to the grid, and aging asset failures. At the same time, the rise of social media has given small voices a significant impact on expectations regarding customer satisfaction and notifications. 

Join Arun Mani, a Principal with KPMG, and Rob Sturtz, Dirzector of Operations at AEP, for a unique conversation on how emergency preparedness connects the everyday tasks to improve public situational awareness and fast, safe restoration and recovery to affected communities after an outage. 

By attending this webcast, you will learn:

  • Utility Industry Perspectives and Best Practices for EP&R: The utility industry's perspectives on the most effective practices and challenges they encounter for storm preparedness and strategies for mitigating how severe weather events can impact utility operations.
  • Emergency Preparedness & Restoration "Value Chain": A view on the EP&R "value chain" and examine how different components of emergency response fit together to achieve efficient and effective restoration and recovery.
  • Importance of Mock Drills: The value of "mock drills" and a review of the typical issues that arise during an outage, including better documentation for cost recovery, mutual assistance requests, and material needs for restoration.


Arun Mani

Arun Mani, a Principal with KPMG, is an Energy and Water sector strategist who operates at the intersection of regulation, operations, and technology to advise clients worldwide on a variety of energy and water-related topics – decarbonized supply, sustainable demand, intelligent infrastructure, and foundational technologies. With ~30 years of consulting work advising utility and energy companies' management and Boards on various infrastructure decisions, Arun has a broad understanding of the electric, gas, and water sectors and relevant issues. Arun has helped clients shape strategy, drive growth, and lead operational transformations, working with company leaders. 

Rob Sturtz
Director of Operations
AEP Ohio, a subsidiary of American Electric Power

Rob Sturtz, Director of Operations for AEP Ohio, a subsidiary of American Electric Power. With over 26+ years of combined experience in Distribution Operations and Human Resources. As a seasoned utility leader, Rob oversees and directs the design, construction, operation maintenance, and emergency restoration of AEP Ohio's distribution system. Over the last 26 years, Rob has experienced significant change in how the utility industry approaches outage restoration to day-to-day operations.

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