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5 Ways Situational Intelligence Enables Utility Resilience

This webinar is now available for on demand viewing.

This webinar was originally held on September 26, 2023, and is now available for on demand viewing. 
Duration: 1 Hour
Sponsor: SAS Institute, Accenture, and Intel

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Knowing what assets are installed in a utility’s infrastructure, where those assets are located and what is happening with those assets in real time is known as situational awareness.  It’s a new way of doing data management by bringing data together in real time to understand, react to and predict what’s happening inside—and often outside—a utility’s operations. Situational awareness can deliver previously unattainable, critical insights directly to utility control rooms for immediate action and can save utilities’ millions of dollars through improved asset performance.

Join this webinar to learn about the latest situational awareness solution running on Intel 4th generation Xeon family of servers, memory, and storage. The solution integrates data from utility assets and other relevant sources into a viable platform delivering critical insights utilities have never been able to collect before. The two subject matter experts from SAS and Accenture will explain how situational awareness works and reveal the five ways it can help utilities improve resilience:

  • How to improve asset monitoring to gain meaningful insights.
  • How to minimize reactive maintenance and move to preventative maintenance for a wide range of assets.
  • An approach to shifting some asset work from Opex to Capex.
  • How to enhance your use of AMI for grid visibility and detection beyond today’s uses.
  • How Situational Intelligence provides greater, real resilience.


Glen Sartain
Principal Director
Glen specializes in design and integration of operations elements used for Analytics to improve operational performance and achieve digital transformation through Situational Awareness.  In his current role, he leads the Utilities Situational Awareness Practice at Accenture.

Glen is also recognized in the Utility analytics community for his expertise in advancing analytic capabilities to help companies improve operations, bringing new insight from the proven models used today in all industries. Throughout his career, Mr. Sartain has been involved in all aspects of Energy including Electric & Natural Gas Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Pipeline Transmission.

Sacha Fontaine
Principal Industry Consultant - Power and Utilities Innovation
Sacha Fontaine has served the utility industry for 23 years. Sacha currently helps electric utilities identify how to apply data analytics to resolve or improve business challenges from renewable integration, energy forecasting, asset health issues, wildfire mitigation and energy trading risks. He holds an electrical and computer engineering degree from McGill University. Sacha has over a decade of experience working for utilities in transmission operation centers, distribution control centers as well as experience in executing grid modernization and distributed generation projects. He has also worked in the private sector for over a decade again in the service of utilities. Sacha earned his expertise working with energy industry leaders such as GE, Siemens, Deloitte and SAS. During his time with these companies, they led the industry in the modernization of the electrical grid and integration of renewable energy. This includes EV and DER infrastructure, AI and IoT for utilities, and ADMS/EMS projects. He is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) and an active senior member of the IEEE Power and Energy Society and offered expert testimony on AI in Energy for different state senate and house of representatives. Sacha is passionate about clean energy, STEM education, Women in Engineering (starting with his daughter at home) and fixing the various items his children break.​
Nicolas Robin
Global Sales Strategy Leader, Energy Center of Excellence
Nicolas brings over 20 years of experience, including 16 years abroad on 4 continents and combining positions in the public and private sectors. Committed and obsessed with customer orientation, Nicolas has successfully managed projects related to water, energy and natural resources by promoting the circular economy. His 360-degree career in the Environment, from consulting engineer to technical manager of major Public-Private Partnership contracts, then country director and regional director, gives him an understanding and a global vision of the challenges of climate change. Working for the Global Energy Center of Excellence, he promotes the One Intel approach to our customers, local ecosystems and coalitions and seeks to drive positive impacts by scaling industry-wide solutions.

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