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Powering Tomorrow: Navigating the Medium/Heavy-Duty Vehicle Surge & the Ensuing Grid Revolution!

This webinar is now available for on demand viewing.

This webinar was originally held on September 7, 2023, and is now available for on demand viewing.
Duration: 1 Hour
Sponsor: Itron and The Mobility House

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Are you prepared for the electrified future? State and federal incentives are accelerating electrification of medium/heavy-duty (MD/HD) vehicles including commercial fleets, drayage, freight, school buses, and transit fleets, and will require the United States’ electric grid capacity to grow at an unprecedented rate between now and 2050. Studies project that despite the rise in light-duty EVs, the MD/HD sector, especially fleets, will be the primary driver of distribution grid upgrades. 

American utilities face both a daunting task and a generational opportunity to lead the transformation of the automotive and energy ecosystems. This endeavor will require new methods of planning distribution buildout by rethinking how to assess firm and flexible loads, how utilities interact with their customers, and when and how to upgrade feeders, transformers, and even substations. Power Control Systems, load management software, and methods for integrating them into utility operations and planning are mature and commercial, but fairly unknown in the United States.

Join us as we explore the dynamics of managed charging, real-time planning, and smart load control, and how these can be tools for utilities to manage the introduction of electric vehicles to their systems. Understand their role, their real-world applications, and the tangible steps utilities can undertake. Learn how utilities can capitalize on emerging technologies, irrespective of having the latest DERMS or grid simulation tools. Address reservations, reduce risks, and access the myriad benefits on offer. Don't just witness the electric evolution; drive it!


Arup Barat
Senior Product Manager, EV

Arup Barat is a seasoned Cleantech professional with 20+ years of experience in Greentech, SmartGrid, and software sectors. As Senior Product Manager at Itron, he develops EV fleet solutions and leverages EVs as DER assets for grid-edge ecosystems. Arup co-founded Infiswift Solutions, serving as CEO and guiding the energy IOT company to commercial success. He revitalized AutoGrid's brand narrative as Head of Marketing, leading to its acquisition by Schneider Electric. In executive roles at SunEdison, SunPower, Draker, and Connected Energy, Arup showcased strategic leadership, driving product strategies, revenue growth, and market realignment. He holds patents in PV power electronics and contributes to IEEE 1547.3.

Jacqueline Piero
Head of Policy and Regulation
The Mobility House

Jacqueline has worked for more than a decade reframing electric vehicles as Distributed Energy Resources in regulatory and market spaces. She has a master’s degree from the University of Delaware, where she worked with ISOs and utilities to consider how some of the first Vehicle-to-Grid prototypes could be integrated into existing energy and ancillary services markets. This year she joined The Mobility House to help streamline use of EV automated load management technologies in the United States to mitigate the need for infrastructure upgrades as EV market share increases.

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