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Optimizing Transmission Right-of-Way (ROW) and Environmental Protection

This webinar is now available for on demand viewing.

This webinar was originally held on August 31, 2023, and is now available for on demand viewing.      
Duration: 1 Hour
Sponsor: Hendrix

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Power generation in North America has outpaced transmission line construction, and with over 60% of all transmission lines near capacity, optimizing existing ROWs for current and future capacity needs is more important than ever. This webinar will describe the basic concept, history, and advantages of covered conductor systems compared to other design options, review individual component features, and how and why the concept of aerial covered conductor systems migrated to transmission voltage classes.

Other topics discussed will be the difficult issues of expanding capacity in existing ROWs, acquiring new ROWs, the need for new transmission line routes to carry bulk power back from renewable energy sites which are often sited far from where the power is consumed, and how these requirements feed into the motivation for compact line design at transmission voltages. Furthermore, we’ll discuss why compact line design is important not only for reliability and economics, but also from a standpoint of minimization of ecosystem disruption and promotion of carbon capture.

Hendrix Aerial Covered Conductor systems have been in use worldwide for 72 years. Starting in 1951 at 5 kV and 15 kV classes, usage grew rapidly to include 25kV-46 kV, and eventually 69kV and 115kV.


Brian J. Trager
Director of Technology and International
Marmon Utility

Brian J. Trager is a Senior Life Member of the IEEE. He received his B.S. and M. Eng. degrees in Electric Power Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York in 1978 and 1980, respectively, and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh in 1986. Mr. Trager has held various positions in Engineering, Consulting and Management at American Electric Power Company, Cooper Power Systems and Fisher-Pierce, and most recently at Hendrix Wire and Cable, where he is currently employed as Director, Technology & International. He has taught Electric Power Engineering at Ohio State University, West Virginia University, and Pennsylvania State University, in addition to teaching courses to utility clients, and has authored over 75 technical papers and articles for the IEEE and other national and international organizations.

With regard to electric power line specification, design, construction and management, Mr. Trager has worked on projects funded by international aid organizations (USAID, ADB, JBIC, and others) to meet growing demand worldwide through the expansion of electric power infrastructure. He has brought to fruition numerous high-reliability power distribution projects in various sites on seven continents over a period spanning 44 years, and for the past 29 years solely dedicated to Aerial Covered Conductor Systems.

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