Spider Excavating Services: Faster, Greener, Safer

A T&D World-hosted webinar sponsored by Access Limited Construction

This webinar was originally held on July 13, 2023, and is now available for on demand viewing.

Duration: 1/2 Hour
Sponsor: Access Limited Construction

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Spider excavators are transforming the power industry. With the ability to offer a solution that is up to 10x faster, significantly improves job site safety, and has minimal ground disturbance, spider excavators are raising industry standards.

Russ Dyer, Access Limited Construction, will walk through how he has invested his time and energy to raise industry standards with his fleet of spider excavators. He will discuss how the excavators are able to operate up to 50-degree slopes with minimal disturbance to the environment. His team of skilled operators combined with the fluid movements of the spider excavators allowed them to save a utility company 13 months on their project schedule, even in environmentally sensitive areas. Sign up today to learn how his vision is transforming the power industry.

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Russ Dyer
Estimator, Founder of Dyer All Terrain Excavation
Access Limited Construction

Out of a garage in Truckee, California, Russ Dyer started Dyer All Terrain Excavation.
Dyer now falls under Access Limited Construction since its acquisition by GeoStabilization International.

In 2012, Russ started his own company with a new machine called a Spider Excavator. These excavators are known for their agility in difficult access terrain to do jobs that no other machine can do.

Over the past sixteen years, Russ has acquired extensive knowledge in earthwork, has worked across the United States managing over 750 projects, and approached the industry with an innovative mindset.

With his experience and innovative approach, he provides his clients with decades of steep slope experience and innovative ways to improve project timelines, provide solutions that are environmentally safer, and increase job site safety. He views every project as a way to raise the industry standards for the environment, crew safety, and project efficiency.

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