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Wood Pole Barrier Protection System

The PPL Field Liner Barrier Protection System optimizes the life cycles of wood utility poles by preventing preservatives from leaching.

Manufactured by Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. from an advanced, impermeable laminate material, the field liner is a sleeve that is quickly and simply slipped over a wood utility pole immediately prior to installation in the ground. The field liner provides long-term protection by eliminating direct ground contact and by preventing the migration of preservative from the pole. In addition to helping retain “when-new” preservative levels within poles, PPL field liners represent a practical response to the use of treated wood poles in environmentally sensitive settings.

“Osmose continues to help develop and implement innovative yet practical techniques to help America’s utilities manage their pole assets economically. Wood has a proven track record as the preferred material for poles and is truly a renewable resource” stated Bob Butera, Vice President of Marketing at Osmose Utilities Services. “The expectation that the PPL field liner will protect poles against decay and termites while also responding to today’s sensitivity to our environment is in step with the current strategies of North American utilities. It is especially appropriate for transmission poles.”

The patent-pending, one-piece PPL Field Liner traces its roots to the wood protection system developed by Professor Albin Baecker in the 1990’s. The concept is effective because the unique and durable barrier helps prevent the transfer of moisture, oxygen and original preservative in amounts sufficient to support decay. Osmose has teamed with the award-winning company Protective Packaging, Ltd to bring this concept to market. Field liners are produced in sizes suitable for most distribution and transmission poles and can be custom-sized by special order.

Osmose Utilities Services http://osmoseutilities.com

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