Hydro One invests $25 million to improve reliability and supply from Fort Frances to Rainy River

Hydro One, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is investing $25 million to build the new Barwick Transformer Station (TS), in the Township of Chapple to improve the electricity supply and provide more capacity for communities between Rainy River and Fort Frances. The new station is expected to be in-service by August 2014.

Hydro One’s Fort Frances TS is nearing end-of-life and a new station is required to serve customers west of Fort Frances. Investing in the local transmission system will strengthen reliability to both residential and commercial customers.

“Hydro One is committed to delivering reliable electricity to its customers and this investment to the transmission system allows us to do this,” said Arnold Brakel, Project Manager, Hydro One. “By building a new station in the Township of Chapple, shorter spans of 44-kV power lines will connect customers to our system ultimately improving the reliability of their power supply.”

An Environmental Study Report (ESR) was completed and the project has received all of the required approvals for construction to begin. The new transformer station will consist of two 115,000/44,000 volt transformers and will occupy a 150-m by 150-m site located north of Highway 11 and west of Westover Road, in the community of Barwick.

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