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Advanced Wood Pole Preservative Formulation

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc has developed a preservative system, called MP400-EXT, for in-service wood poles that promises to set new standards of performance. The product is a new and unique blending of inorganic and organic compounds that are highly active at extremely low concentrations. MP400-EXT is designed to provide improved preservative protection while also reducing both toxicity and pesticide quantities in the formulation. Several years of research resulted in Osmose’s patent-pending combination of four active ingredients, producing near zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions and eliminating dependence on oil-based ingredients.

“We began the R&D effort for MP400-EXT with a specific list of goals. With concerns over aging wood poles increasing, robust preservative performance remained a primary objective,” said Bob Butera, Vice President of Marketing for Osmose. “At the same time, we take our safety and environmental responsibilities seriously. Our challenge was to improve efficacy of decay control while reducing toxicity and pesticide usage. We also wanted to eliminate the use of petroleum carriers and solvents. We started with a clean sheet of paper.”

The MP400-EXT formulation includes Osmose’s proprietary combination of tebuconazole and bifenthrin. This blend demonstrated robust protection against both fungi and termites in five-year field stake tests. A unique, “micronized” version of Oxine Copper was developed and added to help protect against strength-robbing surface decay in older poles. Oxine Copper is also effective at very low concentrations and is approved for food-contact applications. Sodium borate completes the puzzle by providing fast-acting diffusion and broad fungi control.

“The markets for wood preservatives are demanding continued or improved protection together with performance characteristics that respond to environmental and safety concerns. Osmose Research is committed to answering these challenges and MP400-EXT is an example of products that meet these seemingly conflicting criteria,” noted Rich Ziobro, Vice President of Osmose Research.

“Although all wood preservatives carry some measure of risk as pesticides, the MP400-EXT formula has the lowest toxicity profile of any similar product,” added Butera. “We believe that we can make the biggest contribution to the environment by protecting the poles that are already in-service and by developing products that pose minimal risk. It’s a win-win for the environment and for utility pole owners.”

Osmose Utilities Services http://www.osmoseutilities.com

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