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Advanced Meter Fort Collins Meter Installation Process

Advanced Meter Fort Collins Meter Installation Process

Installation  Begins

Fort Collins Utilities is installing improved digital electric and water meters throughout the community. This project, which replaces current meters, will be completed in 2013.

From March to June 2012, about 6,000 residents and businesses received new meters. They reported the installation process was efficient and easy. Utilities is now following the same steps to install meters throughout the community

Meter Installation Area

Corix, our installation partner, will be completing the installations to Fort Collins residents and businesses. Approved installers will complete meter installations and will be identified with Corix and City logos on their uniforms, badges and vehicles.

Meter Installation Route Progression

Meter Installation Route Progression
Meter Installation Route Progression

Why the Change?

  • New meter technology will allow for faster transfer of electricity and water use information to our distribution and billing systems, providing more timely customer service.
  • Electric and water crews will benefit from more information about outages and water main problems, improving safety and maintaining high system reliability.
  • In the future, customers will be able to access information from the new meters via internet connections or other types of home area networks.
  • Customers may review the information to manage their utility use and costs.

Installation Process

Elster EnergyAxis® Smart Grid solution powers the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system for Fort Collins Utilities' electric and water customers

You will receive a postcard in the mail before the electric meter is scheduled to be changed. Installation takes a few minutes, with a brief interruption in electric service. During the installation, please make sure any sensitive electronic equipment, such as a personal computer, is turned off. Please notify us in advance about any home medical devices or home business needs.

On the day of installation, an installer will knock on your door to let you know the meter will be replaced. If you are not home, the installer will complete the installation and leave a notice to let you know the work was done.

If installation cannot be completed, the installer will leave a notice with rescheduling information.

Water Meter. Following electric meter installation, a water meter device on the exterior of your home will be replaced. At the time of replacement, an installer will knock on your door to let you know the equipment is being updated. You don’t need to be home, but access to the meter device is required. Please unlock gates and restrain dogs or put them inside.

Commercial Customers and Customers with Scheduling Needs. Under normal circumstances, we will install meters as described earlier.

If this process creates concerns for you or your customers, we encourage you to call and schedule electric meter installation.


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