Elmhurst Substation VAR Compensator (SVC) Technical Tour

Some 2014 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference attendees will participate in technical tours of various industrial facilities. Technical tours have been offered at most IEEE PES T&D Conferences, as the host utility makes arrangements with local facilities for in-depth excursions.

On Wednesday, April 16, some IEEE PES attendees will depart McCormick Place for the Elmhurst Substation VAR Compensator tour. Two Siemens SVCs are connected to 138 kV system at TSS 135 Elmhurst. Each SVC is rated for 300 MVAR in approximately 75 MVAR increments. One spare transformer is installed and shared between the two SVCs. Each SVC can control two 57 MVAR, 138 kV bus capacitors. Fire retardant clothing, hard hats and safety glasses will be provided for visitors.

Technical tours are sold out; contact IEEE PES with any questions.

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