Vibration Control Products

Dulhunty Power, a manufacturer and seller of electricity transmission and distribution products, has manufacturing plants and sales offices in Australia, China Thailand and Malaysia, North America, New Zealand and Hong Kong.
Dulhunty Power supplies its own branded products to both utilities and contractors throughout the world. DP also supplies on an OEM basis, fittings and products for numerous European and American companies involved in the electricity transmission and distribution sector.

Dulhunty Power also represents a number of other manufacturers, supplying products including glass, porcelain and composite insulators, substation fittings, fault indicators, height meters, tension monitoring systems, and switchgear, corona cameras, and emergency tower structures.

Dulhunty Power is best known for its range of vibration control products and its technical capability in measuring and resolving vibration control problems in transmission line applications.

The newest member of the Dulhunty Family makes its debut at this year’s IEEE Expo, Dulhunty Power North America. Located in the heart of the Gulf Coast, in one of the fastest growing counties in the region, Dulhunty Power North America already stocks its warehouse full of high quality, DP brand, ANSI standard and RUS approved porcelain insulators and is currently rolling out the DP branded line Helixon products.

Dulhunty Power Booth 2456
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