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EPRI Exhibits Technologies That Can Transform Grid, Maintain Reliability, Manage Electricity Systems

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) participated in this year’s IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exhibition. The EPRI exhibit featured a number of technologies that can transform the electric power grid, maintain reliability and manage electricity systems. The exhibit also featured EPRI’s color book reference series, the industry-standard engineering guidebooks recognized for preserving expert knowledge and capturing the latest developments in transmission, distribution, grid operations and power control. In addition, EPRI was part of the technical segment of the conference and presented on several thought leadership topics as well as chair a number of technology tracks.

During the exhibition, EPRI showed a number of technologies that focus on transforming the power grid—including new development technologies being tested in the utility environment, such as backscatter sensors, an antenna array and hydrogen sensors, as well as an overview on methodologies for analyzing arc flashes.

Several products displayed aid in maintaining reliability. These included a ZED meter that enables the effective measurement of transmission line ground electrodes and a new conductor cleaning tool for installing compression connectors.

Furthermore, EPRI performed a demonstration of its PQView with fault location software, which helps in managing the electricity system.

In addition to the exhibit, EPRI representatives presented four papers on thought leadership topics over the four-day event. Five EPRI staff members participated as chairs for different presentation tracks. The authors, topic papers and the chairpersons are as follows (contact IEEE PES for conference proceedings):


Evaluating the Energy Savings Claims of PQ Solutions—Bill Howe, EPRI

Update from the Weather Normalization Task Force—Tom Short, EPRI

Evaluation of Harmonic Trends using Statistical Process Control Methods— Mark McGranaghan, EPRI; Dan Sabin, EPRI; S. Santoso, University of Texas at Austin

Characterization of Power Quality Events—Charles Perry, EPRI; E. Collins, Clemson University

Track Chairs

Power Quality Solutions from Both Sides: Supply and Utilization
Trac—Power quality
Chairs: Dan Sabin, EPRI and Dave Mueller, Electrotek Concepts

Advances in Distribution System Analysis
Track: Application software for power systems
Chair: Roger C. Dugan, EPRI

How to Design Reliable Distribution Systems
Track: Reliability
Chair: Charles Perry, EPRI

Open Source Software for Power System Analysis
Track: Application software for power systems
Chair: Roger C. Dugan, EPRI

Update on IEEE 1159: Monitoring Electric Power Quality
Track: Power quality
Chairs: Charles Perry, EPRI & Randy Collins, Clemson University

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