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Telvent Distribution GIS Software made Available to Engineering Students, Instructors and Researchers

Telvent has announced that its electrical distribution geographic information system software is available to enhance engineering curriculums at higher education institutions. With an increased emphasis on energy efficiency and smart grid developments, the energy industry is in critical need of highly trained and educated workforce to meet these needs. Providing engineering students and educators with the industry’s latest GIS technology tools allows them to gain better understanding of how to solve real-world problems.

The Telvent GIS software is centered on the ArcFM solution, which is currently used in more than 500 utilities worldwide. Using Telvent GIS software, students can gain industry skills and insight within their degree program and further their education both at a theoretical and practical level by having to learn how to construct, optimize, and design engineering concepts of a network more effectively.

According to Telvent Chairman and CEO, Manuel Sanchez, “The energy industry today is focused on planning and deploying a smarter network and energy infrastructure. To meet these needs we will need highly trained and innovative professionals with experience on how to apply technology. Telvent is proud to make our GIS software available to professors and students to further promote education.”

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