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Jay Cueco: Seeing the Big Picture

Jay Cueco: Seeing the Big Picture

Cueco is applications engineer in the customer-relationship management group at ABB.

Jay Cueco has always been interested in large machinery such as motors and generators and was always worried about being stuck indoors. So he specialized in power systems as an electrical engineer. Now, he helps utilities solve problems by developing unique and innovative schemes to match their specific needs.

Cueco is applications engineer in the customer-relationship management group at ABB and his experience in engaging with customers, along with his handling of a large range of utility, industrial and commercial applications helps him see the big picture when teaching.

Cueco is one of the trainers for ABB’s Distribution Automation Training Program. The courses are developed for relay technicians and protection engineers, power systems consultants, and substation automation system and communications engineers. These two-to-three- day classes deliver the tools for customers to become proficient in the installation and operation of ABB relays. Classes begin in March with the Relion 615 Series and run through October.

Cueco will be presenting the IEC 61850 for Protection & Control course on June 22-25 in Coral Springs, Florida. This two-and-a-half day course is designed to give attendees the tools necessary to understand, engineer, and deploy protection and control schemes based on IEC 61850.

“The innovative use of 61850 control schemes is beginning to gain traction among ABB’s customers,” Cueco said. “ABB’s DATC classes help to educate our customers in getting comfortable and developing their own 61850 P&C schemes.”

Cueco has also taught classes on the introduction to the 61850 standard and GOOSE-based main-tie-main schemes.

He tells students to never be afraid to ask questions and to always be prepared well ahead of time with well-developed documentation, procedures and processes. “I enjoy an open discussion with students since it allows me to tailor the class to their specific needs,” Cueco said. “Even though there is typically a set agenda, I have always believed that the teacher should steer the content to their audience’s specific interests.”

Cueco’s love for meticulous preparation carries over into his spare time with his enjoyment of scuba diving. “It allows me to experience a whole different environment, and the preparation for safe scuba diving is similar to proper protection and control engineering.”

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