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Klein Tools has expanded its test and measurement line with multimeters and receptacle testers with higher durability and quality. These new multimetersand receptacle testers, which are made in the United States, were developed to withstand daily wear and tear on the job site. The meters are built to endure a 10-ft drop and include a raised rubber boot for increased display protection. They also feature improved accuracy and an easy-to-access fuse and battery compartment. The upgraded receptacle testers can withstand a 6 ft drop and include a new design that reinforces the prongs for longer life.

The MM5000 and MM6000 are True RMS professional meters that provide more accurate readings for all signals. The MM5000 and MM6000 have increased DC accuracy of ±0.3% and ±0.2%, respectively. They include a low impedance setting to eliminate ghost voltages as well as a µA setting for checking flame sensors. The meters also have a large back-lit display and analog bar graph to measure fast moving readings. Both meters are double insulated, have a rubber molding for drop protection, and are CAT IV 600V rated. The MM6000 also has temperature and frequency settings for HVAC use and a 6,000 count display. MM5000N and MM6000N, NIST certified meters, are also available.

The RT500 and RT600 receptacle testers are designed to detect the most common wiring problems in standard
120-V receptacles. These products test for correct wiring, open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral and hot and ground reversed. The RT600 also tests GFCI receptacles for proper operation. They have larger light indicators for greater visibility, fortified prongs for increased durability and slip-resistant ribbing.

Klein Tools| www.kleintools.com

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