Hi-Line Utility Supply Launches Aerial/Underground Utility Bucket

Hi-Line Utility Supply Launches Aerial/Underground Utility Bucket

hi-line_bucket_bag.jpgAug. 1, 2008, Elgin, IL -- This hard-body oval, tray-bottomed, canvas-lined utility bucket makes life easier for linemen. These 15”x7”x9” buckets are oval for easy mobility, boast thirteen outside and fifteen inside tough canvas pockets for accessibility to tools and other items, and have heavy duty reinforced grommets for bucket hook attachments to hold up to 75 pounds.

Additionally the interior of the bucket features a solid non-conductive plastic ring, molded rubber bottom to hold an assortment of hard-to-store tools.

This bucket is a must-have for linemen because it is convenient, transportable and durable. Ask your fellow lineman to tell you about the quality of his Hi-Line Utility tool bucket. Chances are he owns one because more than 500,000 have been sold.

Learn more by calling 800-323-6606.

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