Curtis Kirkeby

Fellow Electrical Engineer, Technology Strategy, Avista Utilities

Curtis Kirkeby holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Montana State University and a masters in engineering management from Washington State University. He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Washington and has 34 years of experience in the electric and gas utility industry: six years in substation design; 18 years in GIS, outage management, asset management, advanced metering systems including meter data management systems, and engineering modeling; and 10 years in research and development.  

Mr. Kirkeby led the Avista team that developed groundbreaking applications leveraging the ESRI GIS environment to provide outage management, fault location prediction, automated crew and resource staging, construction design, gas and electric compliance, distribution planning, automated IVR callbacks and proactive outage messaging (estimated restoration time) to inbound callers. 

Currently, Mr. Kirkeby is responsible for applied research and development, enhancement of innovation methods and strategies, and technology evaluation at Avista. He is an expert in the fields of smart grid technologies including customer engagement, demand response, bill targets/control, customer specific solutions, grid automation, voltage optimization, automated fault notification, condition based maintenance, automated restoration, transformer loading and optimal dispatch of distributed energy resources.

Mr. Kirkeby also was responsible as the principal investigator for the Avista smart grid project in Pullman, Washington (a subproject of the Department of Energy sponsored Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration led by Battelle) as well as the current principal investigator for the Turner Energy Storage Project in Pullman.

Curtis’s Recent activity