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Comparison of Efficacy of Girdling and Various Rates of Triclopyr Ester Basal Applications for Control of Poplar Spp

Trembling aspen and balsam poplar saplings under powerlines in section 24 of 63-11-W5 northwest of Whitecourt, Alberta were treated with basal applications of 4.8g or 14.4g triclopyr ester per liter of diesel oil or girdled. Poplar stems ranged from 1-6 cm in diameter. Treatments were replicated 3 times with 10 sample stems per species per replicate. Girdling was done on September 2 and 3, 1992 by stripping a minimum 2.5 cm wide band to below the cambium layer with a budding knife.

Opponents of herbicide use often suggest girdling as a viable alternative. This abstract addresses only efficacy, not costs....

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