Behind the Meter: PG&E Efforts of their Commercial and Industrial Customers

Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 2pm ET

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PG&E recently took a hard look at its approach to supporting large commercial and industrial customers and realized there was a problem – what best served PG&E’s needs for structuring the business was not the best way to support customers. The company embarked on an effort to segment customers differently and improved its ability to engage in more proactive, targeted and satisfying interactions that furthered the vision of serving as a trusted energy advisor. The results were pretty dramatic – after the first year of the new structure PG&E delivered nationally-recognized superior service to customers while realizing large efficiency gains.


Deb Affonsa, Vice President of Customer Service, PG&E Corporation
Chrissy Carr, Client Strategy Director of the Telecommunications and Network Engineering DepartmentBurns & McDonnell

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