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Goose the Moose

Goose the Moose

How to Goose the Moose

Got a utility vegetation management question? Goose the Moose!

Ground Rules for Questions

The topic area is utility vegetation management. Stick to that or face possible ridicule for your inability to read.

What Do We Need Beyond Your Question

Win Stuff- Stump or Stun the Moose

Stump the Moose with your utility VM question or stun the Moose with the brilliance of your question and you will become the proud owner of an exceedingly rare, highly prized "Goose the Moose" T-shirt.

Oh, by the way, the Moose shall be the arbiter of who merits a T-shirt. There is no method of appeal and whining will be exposed for the entertainment of all participants. I know the desire for a coveted Goose the Moose T-shirt will make it difficult to restrain yourself. But come on, retain your dignity. There is no limit to the number of questions you may ask to qualify yourself for a prize. However, the Moose is not obligated to answer all questions nor is he obligated to take your questions seriously.

Let's Play!

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