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PECO Customers Save More than 1 Million MWh of Electricity With Efficiency Program

Since its launch in October 2009, PECO customers have reduced their electricity use by more than 1 million MWh and saved more than $146 million with PECO Smart Ideas, the company’s suite of energy efficiency programs.

PECO Smart Ideas offers many programs to help residential, business, government, non-profit and institutional customers save energy and money. In total, more than 300,000 customers have participated in PECO Smart Ideas.

The programs are part of the company’s support of Pennsylvania’s energy efficiency and demand response targets under Act 129. Act 129 requires all state electric utilities to develop programs to help customers reduce energy use by 1 percent by May 31, 2011 and 3 percent by May 31, 2013. Utilities also must reduce energy demand during the 100 highest demand hours of the year by 4.5 percent by May 31, 2013.

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