Featured Poll: Will Obamacare let you leave?

Would you stay with your company if you could quit and get equivalent medical benefits with Obamacare? A national survey recently found that about 25 percent of older workers in the mining and energy industries are passing up early retirement and other opportunities in  order to keep the relatively generous benefits traditionally offered in those area. That will change.

At some point, the benefits of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) may become understandable. Depending on how much a worker contributes to company provided health insurance, trading full time employment for a fly rod or creative self employment could look mighty attractive. Particularly for the cream-of-the-crop workers who are bored and confident enough of their abilities to take a risk. Of course, those are just the folks that utilities really want to keep, especially in light of the increasing brain drain as about 50 percent of utility employees reach retirement age.

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