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Manitoba Hydro liveline work

Wearing conductive suits, Manitoba Hydro live-line crew bonds to the conductor to perform energized work, using the barehand ladder method at 500-kV HVDC.

Linemen Return to Live-Line Work at 500 kV

Following two flashovers, a decade of research and testing, and a change in work practices, Manitoba Hydro crews once again work on energized lines.

Through live-line work, which originated in the early 1900s, linemen are maintaining, constructing or testing equipment and circuits that are energized or may become energized. Over the decades, utilities have fine-tuned work methods ranging from rubber gloving with cover up to 25 kV, using insulated tools from a minimum approach distance, or working barehand from a ladder, rope access, bucket truck, cart or helicopter.

While field crews can work on a de-energized line, the syst

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